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With our team of experienced finance professionals we can offer all lenders in todays market from residential and investment property loans to commercial and equipment and leasing.

With an "apples for apples" approach we can show you the ins and outs of the home loan market and what's right for you.

Finance Brokers

PFC is a nationally operated and accredited mortgage aggregator with the experienced broker in mind, with access to a greater panel of residential, commercial and leasing funding lines.

Our renumeration structures can be tailor made to suit the individual broker and the volumes of individual operation with the key being "flexibility". Use only the services that you need, not pay for those you don't.

No faceless call centres or managers that don't return your call..............

PFC Aggregation - a smart, simple option based on personal services. Call one of our aggregation managers and see how your current agreement stacks up.


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